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コブクロ # 1 hit 『虹』

Posted in Kobukuro on May 12, 2009 by jpoptoday

Kobukuro hits it big again with their latest hit 虹 – “Niji.” This song went all the way to # 1 in May.

Kentaro Kobuchi met  Shunsuke Kuroda in Sakai – 堺市 – Kansai area more than ten years ago. They use the first part of their surnames as the title of the band. Cool!



東方神起 Rising Gods of the East

Posted in Yosei Teikoku on May 11, 2009 by jpoptoday

Tōhōshinki peaked at # 6 last week with their current single  “Share the World.”  This week the South Korean boy band falls down two notches on the Oricon chart.

Here’s the Korean version of their latest hit. カッコいいでね..

Known in Japan as 東方神起 Tōhōshinkithe Korean quintet has had huge success, with this, their seventeeth hit single in Japan. In South Korea they are 동방신기 – Dong Bang Shin Gi, the Rising Gods of the East!!

Japanese gothic duo

Posted in Yosei Teikoku on May 9, 2009 by jpoptoday

Today we will take a look at another genre of Japanese music.

A couple of days ago I discovered this gothic duo called Yōsei Teikoku – 妖精帝國 (Fairy Empire in English.) Ooo.. spooky!!

Formed in 1997 Yōsei Teikoku consists of female vocalist and lyricist Yōsei Yui 妖精ゆい (also known as Fairy Yui) and guitarist Takaha Tachibana – 橘 尭who writes the music.  He doesn’t appear in all their videos.

Much of their music appears in anime like まじぽか- “Magipoka.” Anyone familiar with their work drop me a line here.

Here is a sample of Yōsei Teikoku, It’s the song and PV for “Schwarzer Sarg” ( “black coffin” in German.) It peaked at # 43 on the Oricon charts in July of 2008.