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Come Together with Ongaku Gatas

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Ongaku Gatas – 音楽ガッタス – was one of a plethora of H!P girl groups. At one time up to ten members, all of which played for the futsal team Gatas Brilhantes H.P. They are officially a “graduated” group which means they are no more.

Here’s a video of their third and last single “Come Together,” released last September.


「しょうがない人夢追い人」 # 1 THIS WEEK

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Thirty nine. That’s how many hit singles Morning Musume 「モーニング娘。」 has released in eleven years. The most prolific recording artists in Japan.

The lead group of Hello! Project rarely takes a break. Currently on their Platimum 9 tour モー娘 (Mōmusu) continues making fun music. Their new single is # 1 on the Oricon charts this week. It’s  “Shōganai Yume Oibito” 「しょうがない人夢追い人」

Lead vocalists on this track are Ai Takahashi – 高橋愛, Risa Niigaki – 新垣里沙,Eri Kamei –亀井絵里,, and Reina Tanaka – 田中れいな.

Club scene duo hits it big!

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What you need is sweet vacation!! right?

Sweet Vacation formed in 2007.  Thai vocalist May and producer/sound guy Daiichi Hayakawa make some wonderful “feel good” music.

Their songs are basically pop and are heavily influenced by the latest club music.  They have retro new wave and rave essences. They have very cute videos and one of their songs was used in a Japanese hairspray commercial.  Two blonde wig wearing girls accompany May and Daiichi in videos and onstage.

May is a singer and student.  Their Sweet Vacation radio program may be heard on Youtube.  Here’s”Let’s Hang Out!”

# 1 This Week – – – G L A Y

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Another # 1 single for GLAY.  The four man J Rock phenomena has over forty hit singles since 1994.

Teru, Takuro, Hisashi, and Jiro  release another major hit with “I am xxx.”

Officially, the name “Glay” is a deliberate misspelling of the word “gray” and represents the style of music they play: a mixture between rock (black) and pop (white) However, it is thought by many English-speaking fans that the misspelling of the band’s name may actually have been due to a genuine error.  The Japanese language does not distinguish between the retroflex (“r”) and lateral (“l”) phonemes of the liquid morpheme.

Hey! Say! 真夜中のシャドーボーイ

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Hey! Say! JUMP

OK, so I am curious about this ten member boy group from the prolific Johnny’s label.

Here is the top selling single to date for Hey! Say! JUMP.

It’s  「真夜中のシャドーボーイ」  (“Mayonaka no Shadow Boy.”)

Five original members of Hey! Say! 7: Keito, Ryosuke, Yuto, Yuuri, and Ryutaro were joined by five members of Hey! Say! BEST: Kota, Yuta, Kei, Hikaru, and Daiki. Watch out girls..

Do you remember You?

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おやすみ (Goodnight)

Singer You and her band Fairchild. They had some very innovative videos twenty years ago. All these years I’ve gathered practically no info on You or her band. Natch I can’t find the one video I want to show but here they are:


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