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槇原敬之 – The man called Mackey..

Posted in Noriyuki Makihara on May 13, 2009 by jpoptoday

I have so much respect for Noriyuki Makihara – 槇原 敬之 . This guy does what he loves to do.  He just keeps cranking out high quality pop songs.

The man called Mackey has been at it for nearly twenty years now.  A prolific songwriter, Makihara has even penned hits for the likes of SMAP.

Makihara, a well known dog lover,  was tried for drug possession in recent years. Those events had a profound effect on him. His earlier songs seemed to have a romantic theme. In recent years his lyrics reflect deeper spiritual aspects.

Here’s an example. A very upbeat and inspiring tune.. it’s “GREEN DAYS!”