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陽は, また昇る (“Hi wa Mata Noboru”) had to be the catchiest tune in 2008.  An uplifting song devoted to Japan’s salaryman.

I placed this under Mai Satoda’s category because she is the most recognizable member I believe and the real reason I even know about this song.  Aladdin was formed from groups on “Quiz Hexagon II”- クイズ!ヘキサゴンII,a Japanese quiz variety show on Fuji Television. The ladies are from Pabo and the men from Suchishin –羞恥心. In the PV Mai wears a green dress in the concert footage.

Mai Satoda (second from right on the CD cover) performs also as ‘Mai Satoda with the Goda Family’ – 里田まい with 合田家族, another Quiz Hexagon II outfit. We will upload that fun video in the near future.


Sing along Sunday!

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It’s the Puffy classic “Asia no Junshin” (“Pure Heart of Asia”) sung by Mai Satoda – 里田まい and Yui Okada – 岡田唯.

Morning Musume’s Eri Kamei introduces this performance of a viewer’s request on an episode of  music program “Uta Doki!”

Romaji lyrics below. Sing along Sunday!!

Pekin berurin daburin riberia
Taba ni natte wa ni natte
Iran afugan kikasete bararaika

Bijin ariran gamuran razania
Mausu datte kii ni natte
Kibun irebun akusesu tamesou ka

Hirake doa
Ima wa mou nagaredetara

Shiro no panda wo dore demo zenbu narabete
Pyua na haato ga yozora de hajiketobisou ni
Kagayaite iru hibana no you ni

Shiro no panda wo dore demo zenbu narabete
Pyua na haato ga sekai wo kazaritsukesou ni
Kagayaite iru
Ai suru kagiri matataite iru
Ima akusesu rabu

Product of Hello! Project

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Let’s take a look at Mai Satoda – 里田 まい – for a couple minutes.

A very talented singer who ten years ago auditioned for super group Morning Musume – モーニング娘Omnipresent producer and “Hello! Project” mastermind Tsunku – つんく♂ – decided to place Mai in a side group, Country Musume -カントリー娘。

While Country Musume did crank out many hits in different incarnations, Mai Satoda’s talents may not have been fully realized. Yeah, she  was a member of Ongaku Gatas –音楽ガッタス- and other shuffle groups, and even plays futsal (a form of indoor soccer) with Tsunku’s Gatas Brilhantes H.P.ガッタス ブリリャンチス H.P. but these days Mai is performing apart from Country Musume.

A Christmas song released last year and current singleバイバイboth with Gōda Kyōda, really highlight Mai’s voice. Meanwhile I (J Pop Today blogger Dave) personally have taken a liking to this performance of the Blue Hearts classic “Train Train.”