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藤 井 リ ナ

Posted in Lina Fujii with tags , on June 1, 2009 by jpoptoday

J Pop Today feels that Lena Fujii- 藤井リナ- is worth a look. Idolized by girls across Japan for her status as a model in the magazine ViVi, I discovered Miss Fujii because of her connection to COLDFEET, English songwriting producing friends of hiro. (If only we could convince someone to allow hiro to make a video like this one..)

Oops.. I did it again! A not so random mention of hiro.  Well, here’s another example of the sixty degrees of seperation to hiro.. this talented young singer Lena (sorry I missplelled her name in the list of categories) has recorded the Sinatra standard “Fly Me to the Moon” a la.. you guessed it.. hiro!

Here’s Lena Fujii’s “Beautiful.”