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奥華子 – singer/songwriter

Posted in Hanako Oku on May 15, 2009 by jpoptoday

If you like beautiful ballads singer/songwriter Hanako Oku – 奥華子 – may be your cup of tea.

Oku’s musical training began at age 5 with piano lessons, but by age 9 she was also learning the trumpet and soon writing her own songs.

In 2004, Oku began to perform on the streets of Tokyo. She once sold over 400 CDs in four hours outside Kashiwa railway station! That same year she released her first single 「花火“Hanabi” (Fireworks.)

Over the next year she toured Japan and self produced two more CD singles before releasing an album in April 2005. Soon afterwards she was signed up by Pony Canyon.

Her single 「ガーネット」 “Garnet” is the end-title track in the anime  『時をかける少 “Toki o Kakeru Shōjo” (Girl Who Leapt Through Time.)

Here is Hanako Oku performing her latest single 「笑って笑って(“Waratte Waratte.”)  JPop fans, do yourself a big favor and check out this terrific artist. She’s truly something special!