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Let’s meet the scott vegetables

Posted in the scott vegetables on September 1, 2009 by jpoptoday

ザ・スコット ベジタブルズ

It’s interview time here at JPop Today. Last month we talked about an up and coming three piece punk band based in Saitama and Tokyo. The scott vegetables are a great band. Bob Vielma of calls them the best band with the worst name around. (Click here to see their youtube video!) I recently contacted Kyō, GK, and Aokids.   The following brief interview was conducted through myspace.  Many thanks to Kyō san and the guys. Let’s get to it..

ディビッド (Dave – JPT): こんにちは。 Thanks, KYO-SUKE, for agreeing to do this interview.

Kyō: Hello, Thank you for the interview. This is my FIRST interview. (Dave edit: Kyō is the lead vocal/guitarist)

D: Kyōsuke, you are a great guitarist. I am soooo impressed with your video at Daigassoukai. What exactly is that event? きょうすけさん上手なギターです. 大合奏会は何ですか?

K: Thank you for seeing movie. The guitar that I play is unskilled. It is a sound like the mosquito.

DAIGASSOUKAI is FOUR TOMORROW’s music event. Its very fun!

Uchiage <– Daigassoukai 2008

D: When did the scott vegetables begin?  バンドはいつ始まりましたか。

K: We had played the band named DAWN. Oneday, DAWN’s bassist “TAKU-LOW” had gone to Tokyo to work. Ao-kids joined our band. It is completion of the Scott vegetables.

D: You met Aokids & GK in school?  バンドは学校で会いましたか。

K: I met them in the Music club at Hirosaki University (S.P.N POWER, ebi, Fat”FUCKING”Seminar, and DEADSTOCK also belongs). GAKU is a schoolmate, and Aokids is a senior.

D: You have a new CD? What is the label?  新しいCDがありますか。ラベル何ですか?

K: Yes! “Vegetables for…” ¥500 Yellow label


D: These days you’re living in Saitama prefecture. You’re from Hirosaki, Aomori prefecture? Is it far from Tokyo?  きょうすけさんはこのごろ埼玉県に住んでいますね。青森県の弘前市からですか?東京の遠いですか?

K: Omiya in Saitama is far from Tokyo. However, I move to Saitama for BUSINESS. I did not come to Saitama to playng the ROCKNROLL. HA HA HA…

D: So you know bands like the Cheaps?

K: No. Whats the Cheaps?? (Dave Edit: The Cheaps are a band from Aomori prefecture.)

D: When did you become a fan of Fifteen and Crimpshine? (いつファンになりましたか。)

K: I got to listen to THEM at the age of 18. When I listened to them, “Its AMAZING!!! That unbalance is COOOOOOOOOOOOL.

D: Jeff Ott (member of Fifteen & Crimpshine) still writes wonderful antiwar songs. Do you also write political lyrics?  あなたも政治的な曲を書いていますか?

K: There is no political songs in ours. But we write songs about “My war”. Just like a “SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY”. HA HA HA…

D: Jeff wrote wonderful songs like “Food Not Bombs.”

K: OH! This song is existence in BUZZ. I like it. Bombs means BAKERATTA in Japan.

D: Did you see those bands in concert?

K: No. However, I wanna see those bands. …But it’s impossible…

D: I saw both the Ramones and Bad Brains in concert. Were you influenced by them?  影響でしたか?

The Ramones

K: Yes, I like them. I was always watching their movies in my childhood.

D: What bands do you like now? The scott vegetables のメンバーの好きなげんざいのバンドは何ですか?


GK: Ben folds.

Aokids: Fridayz

D: I live in, Cleveland Ohio.  Have you heard of the Spudmonsters? They were an influential hardcore band here. 私はオハイオ州に住んでいます。スパッドモンスターズというハードコアのバンドを知っていますか?

K: No. Sorry…

D: Have you played in Yoyogi Park? Any outdoor shows? 東京の代々木公園で歌いますか。(Dave edit:  Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park is known for free concerts every Sunday.)

K: No. I went to Yoyogi-koen in this spring. I do not like it so much. It is NOT formed with nature .

Go to fullsize image <– a lot of unsigned bands play in Yoyogi Park

D: Have you been to the states? あなたたちはアメリカに行ったことがありますか?

K: No, I wanna been the United States. I have been to London and Paris.

A: No.

GK: I have been to Australia

D: Miyu Hoshino is also from Aomori prefecture. Do you know her? ほしのみゆちゃんという女優を知っていますか? 彼女も青森県からです.  If you meet her please tell her I said hi!

K: Oh! She is PORNO-STAR! OH YES!! OH YES!! I love Nana Aoyama.

ほしのみゆ Miyu Hoshino

D: How about the name? 「the scott vegetables」の名前「ことば」の意味いかがですか?

K: Actually, I want to name “Fresh vegetables” But it’s NOT COOL. So, we must replace Fresh with Scott.

D: Do you guys like natto? Is it good? 納豆が好きですか? おいしいですか?

(Dave edit: Natto is a traditional Japanese dish made from fermented soybeans.)

K: I love natto ramen.

A: Yes!

GT: Yes!

D: それでは thanks for the chat, guys!!

K: Thanks a lot!!

A: Thank you!


Dave’s notes: I think the boys are scheduled to appear at the 2009 Daigassoukai in Akihabara, Japan. I stumbled across this year’s schedule but can’t find the link now.

For a review of Daigassoukai ’08 please go to

For more info on obtaining their EP  “Vegetables For..” contact the band directly at

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