Orthodox metal anyone?


陰陽座 (Onmyouza)

Onmyo-Za – 陰陽座 – are a five piece metal band who has been rocking now for ten years.

They play “orthodox” metal comparable to Iron Maiden, mixed with elements from Japanese folk and pop. Since their debut, they have appeared in traditional clothing characteristic of Japan’s Heian period.

The band consists of one woman and four guys. Two vocalists share the limelight. Female singer Kuroneko – 黒猫 – and bass player/songwriter Matatabi -瞬火. Their songs mostly deal with Japanese folklore like”oni” –鬼 (demons.)

Here’s their 2004 single “Akki Hogan” ~ 『悪忌判官』 which reached up to # 30 on Oricon chart:


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