Berryz工房 another hit!


Wow! This is already the twentieth hit single of Berryz工房 (Berryz Kobo) the seven member group from Hello! Project.

Here is the # 3 tune on Oricon daily chart. It’s “Seishun Bus Guide”  青春バースグイド

Main vocalists on this track are Risako Sugaya – 菅谷梨沙子 – and Momoko Tsugunaga – 嗣永桃子.

Dave’s ramblings:

I haven’t gotten to know the members of Berryz as well as other H!P projects. I prefer ℃-ute as I feel they have more overall talent. Of course team captain Saki Shimizu – 清水佐紀 – is always recognizable in Berryz videos, but I only really know one other member.. Maasa Sudou – 須藤茉麻 – she stands out in my opinion.  I’ve watched several of her solo performances. The group is so successful. They will be around for a while.


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