Alternative electro-rock WRENCH

blast your dance music

Wrench it down with WRENCH!

This is what J Pop Today loves about Japan. We can listen to cute songs of °C-ute or music outside mainstream JPop. Fom time to time we’ll take a look at alternative music in Japan.  The indie scene is big! This includes bands with a very western sound, from grunge to techno.. so many different styles of music.

Take WRENCH for example. This four man band, headed by vocalist SHIGE, is considered alternative electro-rock.  They remind me of Super Junky Monkey (that’s a good thing!)

Dave’s notes: I first learned about WRENCH from Japan Live Radio (at one of several lovely internet stations there. That channel is great! They play mostly indie bands with female singers, including Hoover’s Ooover, advantage Lucy, and capsule.


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