Cool music on Playstation 2..

Kurumi Enomoto –  榎本くるみ

Despite only reaching as high as # 99 on the Oricon singles chart, singer-songwriter Kurumi Enomoto shows great promise as a force to be reckoned with in the JPop scene.

Signed to the FOR LIFE MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT music label, Enomoto has released songs for television (TBS drama “Sweet Dream”), an online drama called “Music + Drama,” and Playstation 2.

Yep.. Enomoto’s “Bouken Suisei” – 冒険彗星 – appears in the game “Tales of the Abyss” – テイルズ オブ ジ アビス a console role playing game on Playstation 2.

Opening line from “Bouken Suisei” – romaji:

Mata futari de mitsukeyou yo toosugite kieteshimatta mono ya
Soba ni arisugite keshiteshimatta mono ya
Itami no kazu dake tsuyoku naru to ieta yowasa wo


また二人で見つけようよ 遠すぎて消えてしまったものや

My rough translation:

The weakness.. some of the pain has disappeared..  and that too was in the side or too far gone I also find..

Yeah, my translating skills are pretty bad. I’ll ask for a good translation!

I just hope Miss Enomoto’s career continues and that she will be around a long time.


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