Japanese gothic duo

Today we will take a look at another genre of Japanese music.

A couple of days ago I discovered this gothic duo called Yōsei Teikoku – 妖精帝國 (Fairy Empire in English.) Ooo.. spooky!!

Formed in 1997 Yōsei Teikoku consists of female vocalist and lyricist Yōsei Yui 妖精ゆい (also known as Fairy Yui) and guitarist Takaha Tachibana – 橘 尭who writes the music.  He doesn’t appear in all their videos.

Much of their music appears in anime like まじぽか- “Magipoka.” Anyone familiar with their work drop me a line here.

Here is a sample of Yōsei Teikoku, It’s the song and PV for “Schwarzer Sarg” ( “black coffin” in German.) It peaked at # 43 on the Oricon charts in July of 2008.


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