Meet hiro!

We here at J Pop Today (that means me, Dave Hirofan) are HUGE fans of the lovely and talented hiro! In fact she is my favorite entertainer and singer of any genre of music.

Hiroko Shimabukuro – 島袋 寛子 – aka hiro,  is a member of the popular four girl group SPEED.  She has had a successful solo career as well, and has recored English jazz albums under the name Coco d’Or. She’s acted in films and plays (talented young lady!)

Hiroko was born on April 7, 1984 in Okinawa, Japan.  From the age of five she wanted to be a singer. She debuted with SPEED at the age of twelve in 1996.  Two years later she released her first solo song 「見つめていたい」-  “Mitsumete Itai” as a b-side to SPEED’s single “All My True Love.”

She made her official solo debut in 1999 with the single, “AS TIME GOES BY”, which has sold  more than 800,000 copies in Japan. Her solo career hasn’t been so prolific as we fans had had hoped. She released two albums, “BRILLIANT” in 2001 and “Naked and True” the following year.  Both excellent!

Despite not recording another studio album she continued to release singles. 「寛 シングル・コレクショ」 – ”  –  “hiro SINGLE COLLECTION” came out in 2006, a collection of her hit singles.

Her most recent hit single was 「いつか二で」 – “Itsuka futari de” which was released in August of ’06.  It was on the sound track of the film 「バックダンサーズ」 –  “Backdancers!” in which hiro starred.  She is now devoting her talent to SPEED who has since rejoined after a hiatus (please read about SPEED on this site.) Now kick back and check out  her lovely performance “Itsuka futari de.”


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