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Sing along Sunday!!

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Beautiful You

Sono koe ni sawatte nemuretara ii noni
Aenai yoru mo daiteru mitai ni

Kimi da to wakaru me wo tojite mo
Amai taion ga kikoete kuru

You’re such a beautiful woman
Ima sugu ni hoshii yo kimi ga iru sekai wa a beautiful dream
You’re such a beautiful woman
Suki de doushiyou mo nai everything oboreteku fukaku so sweet
You’re such a beautiful you yeah

Chiisana PIASU wo hazusu yubisaki mo
Shinayaka ni asu wo shinjiru tsuyosa mo


「しょうがない人夢追い人」 # 1 THIS WEEK

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Thirty nine. That’s how many hit singles Morning Musume 「モーニング娘。」 has released in eleven years. The most prolific recording artists in Japan.

The lead group of Hello! Project rarely takes a break. Currently on their Platimum 9 tour モー娘 (Mōmusu) continues making fun music. Their new single is # 1 on the Oricon charts this week. It’s  “Shōganai Yume Oibito” 「しょうがない人夢追い人」

Lead vocalists on this track are Ai Takahashi – 高橋愛, Risa Niigaki – 新垣里沙,Eri Kamei –亀井絵里,, and Reina Tanaka – 田中れいな.

Club scene duo hits it big!

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What you need is sweet vacation!! right?

Sweet Vacation formed in 2007.  Thai vocalist May and producer/sound guy Daiichi Hayakawa make some wonderful “feel good” music.

Their songs are basically pop and are heavily influenced by the latest club music.  They have retro new wave and rave essences. They have very cute videos and one of their songs was used in a Japanese hairspray commercial.  Two blonde wig wearing girls accompany May and Daiichi in videos and onstage.

May is a singer and student.  Their Sweet Vacation radio program may be heard on Youtube.  Here’s”Let’s Hang Out!”

Alternative electro-rock WRENCH

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blast your dance music

Wrench it down with WRENCH!

This is what J Pop Today loves about Japan. We can listen to cute songs of °C-ute or music outside mainstream JPop. Fom time to time we’ll take a look at alternative music in Japan.  The indie scene is big! This includes bands with a very western sound, from grunge to techno.. so many different styles of music.

Take WRENCH for example. This four man band, headed by vocalist SHIGE, is considered alternative electro-rock.  They remind me of Super Junky Monkey (that’s a good thing!)

Dave’s notes: I first learned about WRENCH from Japan Live Radio (at one of several lovely internet stations there. That channel is great! They play mostly indie bands with female singers, including Hoover’s Ooover, advantage Lucy, and capsule.

℃-ute, cute, キュート

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I’m a big fan of  ℃-ute’.. my personal favorite group of  Hello! Project.  With thirteen singles in four years there is no sign of stopping these girls! Here’s another upbeat fun tune.. “Bye Bye Bye!”

For those of you who don’t know. ℃-ute is an all-female group within Tsunku’s Hello! Project. The pronunciation is kyūto キュート.

Originally there were eight girls.. one left to pursue studies, and one is out due to injury or illness.  They range in age from 13-18.

東方神起 – Rising Gods of the East

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Tōhōshinki peaked at # 6 last week with their recent single  “Share the World.”

Here’s the Korean version of the hit. カッコいいでね..

Known in Japan as 東方神起 Tōhōshinkithe Korean quintet has had huge success, with this, their seventeeth hit single in Japan. In South Korea they are 동방신기 – Dong Bang Shin Gi, the Rising Gods of the East!!

Sing along Sunday! 「tomorrow」

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From “Full Metal Panic” – フルメタル·パニック!, it’s Mikuni Shimokawa  -下川 みくに – singing 「tomorrow」:

Futari de nigebasho sagashite
Hashitta tenki ame no naka

Tatoeba nanika wo ushinau toshite mo
Mamotte ikanakya
Hitotsu dake wa

Kono sekai ni umareta sono imi wo
Kimi to mitsuke ni yukou
Itami sae mo kakaenagara
Atarashii keshiki
Mukae ni yukou

Yuuhi ni kazashita yubisaki
Orenji utsushita purizumu

Jibun no subeta wo yuruseru kurai ni
Yasashiku naritai
Kimi no tame ni

Kono sekai ni umareta sono imi wo
Kimi to mitsuke ni yukou
Itami sae me kakaenagara
Atarashii keshiki
Motto tooku made
Mukae ni yukou